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Pediatric Dental Care

Is your kid afraid of visiting the dentist, and would find every possibility to avoid that dreadful visit to the dental office? Children require special care and pampering during dental treatment so as to make them relaxed and calm while the dentist performs a dental procedure.


Our highly qualified and experienced dental team at the iLove Dental Group will ensure that your children always remain smiling, by teaching them how to prevent teeth cavities and other dental problems by looking after dental hygiene and developing good dental habits.


Our friendly and highly experienced dental team is equipped in providing the following pediatric dental care services:

Educating Your Children
We will teach your children regarding the importance of looking after their oral health by developing a regular dental hygiene routine. In addition, they will be taught about the correct method of brushing and flossing their teeth so as to prevent teeth cavities and dental infections.

Dental Examination
Every time your child visits us for a dental checkup, we will have a thorough examination of your child’s teeth, gums and other oral structures. This will ensure that any developing problem with your child’s teeth is diagnosed and treated at an early stage, before it can cause any permanent damage.

This is also known as the baby root canal, and is performed in cases when teeth cavities become very deep and infects the dental pulp. The dentist first removes the infected pulp from the crown portion of the teeth, followed by sterilizing the remaining pulp present inside the root canals and sealing the opening with the help of a therapeutic dressing.

Stainless Steel Crowns
In children, stainless steel crowns are provided to restore the anatomy and shape of the primary teeth in cases where the teeth have developmental defects, those that have undergone pulpotomy or those that have fractured as a result of severe teeth cavities. Stainless steel crowns are not only very strong, but they are also quite cost effective and easily fabricated.

dental crown picture.jpg

Dental Sealants
Biting surfaces of posterior teeth in children and adults have several deep grooves and ridges that promote food impaction and the development of teeth cavities. Dental sealants are restorative materials made from dental resins that are applied in thin layers over the chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth, in order to prevent the development of cavities and other dental infections in the teeth.


Fluoride Treatment
Fluoride treatment of teeth in children, especially during the early years when the teeth are developing, has been shown to make them stronger as well as more resistant to the attack cavities. Fluoride treatment can be performed either through dietary supplements and tablets, or with the help of fluoride gels and varnishes.

At the iLove Dental Group, we understand that most children are afraid of getting a dental treatment. Hence, our friendly staff will ensure that your child gets the best dental care and treatment, in a comfortable and soothing environment so that dental treatment becomes an enjoyable experience for your child, and your child actually looks forwards to visiting the dentist!

Pediatric Dental Care
Educating Children
Dental Examination
Dental Sealants
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