Orthodontic Treatments

Whether you want to get rid of your crooked and misaligned teeth, or you require the esthetic correction of your facial appearance and asymmetry? The answer to all these problems lies in orthodontic treatment, which involves all those dental procedures that are aimed at correcting the alignment of teeth as well as the symmetry and esthetics of your facial structures. Our dental team is fully trained and equipped in treating all your orthodontic problems.


At iLove Dental, we provide you with the following high quality orthodontic procedures and services:

Orthodontic braces are made from alloys or ceramic, and are attached to the teeth with the help of an adhesive dental cement. A metallic wire passes through specially prepared slots within the braces, which generates controlled forces that bring about tooth alignment. The dental braces are highly effective in the correction of orthodontic problems, such as tooth misalignment, rotation, deep and overbite.

Space Maintainers
Space maintainers are provided in children that have prematurely lost their primary teeth, and the permanent teeth have not erupted yet. The space maintainer sits over the empty space created by the missing tooth until the permanent tooth erupts. This ensures that the permanent tooth erupts without any hindrance and difficulty.

Orthodontic Splints
These are jaw repositioning devices that are worn on both the jaws, and are used for the treatment of the jaw joint problems, such as bruxism, by ensuring that the jaws close in an anatomically more favorable position.

Retainers prevent the teeth from moving back to their previous position after the completion of orthodontic treatment. Depending upon the degree of retention required, an orthodontist may choose from a removable or a fixed retainer.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Last?

The duration of an orthodontic treatment depends upon the severity of your orthodontic problem. However, a mild to moderate case is generally treated within 6-12 months.