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Other Services Provided at iLove Dental

At iLove Dental, we take pride in the quality of dental care provided to the patients by our experienced and caring dental team. In addition to our routine dental treatment and procedures that are offered at our dental office, we provide the following other services:


  • Gentle Dental Care – we understand that many dental patients are extremely apprehensive of getting dental treatment, and for them, our dental team uses a gentle and caring approach, in addition to treating them in a calm and peaceful environment so that they remain relaxed during the duration of treatment.

  • Payment Plans – at iLove Dental, patient care and wellbeing comes first! We accept zero % financing through Care Credit. 

  • Convenient Scheduling – are you very busy and have very limited time available to schedule an appointment with the dentist? Don’t worry, we will schedule your appointment according to the time and date of your convenience, so that you never miss any of your appointments with your dentist, despite your busy schedule.  (We are open until late 7pm --appointment only basis.)

  • Most PPO Insurance Accepted – we accept most of the preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plans.  Please contact us before the appointment so we can verify eligibility and make sure you are covered before the appointment.

  • Modern Office and Technology – at iLove Dental, we are equipped with the state of the art equipment and the latest technology, so that we can provide you with the highest quality of dental care! In addition, our modern office boasts a comfortable and elegantly furnished waiting room and dental office that will help you relax while getting treated on the dental chair or while waiting for your turn in our comfortable sitting area.  We offer complimentary water, tea and coffee in the waiting room and free WiFi.

  • Intra-oral Camera – the intra-oral allows us to show you the exact condition of your teeth and gums, which is visible on a large LCD display. In addition, with the help of an intra-oral camera, your dentist can also educate you about the procedure that he or she is about to perform inside your mouth

  • Digital X-rays – gone are the days when x-rays were developed using time consuming procedure.  Now, with the digital x-rays, high quality images of your teeth can instantly prepared that are easily magnified on an LCD display, These images can even be marked by the dentist to show you the infected region.






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