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Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry involves in creating a beautiful white smile that can increase confidence in patients. At iLove Dental we create smiles that look naturally stunning while achieving health and function.


The following procedures are involved in cosmetic dental care:

Root Canal Treatment
This procedure involves the complete removal of infected dental pulp from the pulp chamber as well as in the root canals, so as to treat an endodontic infection. After the removal of pulp, the interior of the hollow tooth is completely washed with antibacterial agent, followed by filling the interior of the tooth with a safe and non-reactive material, in order to prevent future re-infection of the tooth. Since this procedure involves the removal of the dental pulp, it is carried out under the effect of a local anesthetic agent.

Endodontic Re-treatment
Although there is a very high success rate of root canal treatment, sometimes re-treatment may be required in case of the infection recurs or does not go away at the first place. The procedure or re-treatment is similar to that performed for the first time.

Endodontic Surgery
Sometimes, endodontic infections do not subside, even after performing multiple root canal treatments. In these cases, endodontic surgery is performed to look for canals that might have fractured, or those that might have not been visible on the radiograph. The most commonly performed endodontic surgical procedure is apicoectomy, in which the tip of an infected root canal is surgically resected, and is then filled with a retrograde filling material, such as amalgam or MTA.

Endodontic Emergencies
Endodontic dental care is also required in cases where a tooth gets fractured, and the pulp chamber of the tooth is exposed to the exterior. In these cases, the pulp exposure must be immediately treated with the help of a filling, or a root canal treatment, if the pulp has already become infected. You should immediately contact your dentist if you feel that you have fractured one of your teeth as a result of a trauma, especially when you feel that it starts aching.

Intrinsic Tooth Bleaching
Sometimes, teeth staining occurs from the inside, mostly due to a dental trauma or following a root canal treatment. In these cases, the conventional teeth bleaching procedures are not effective, and the dentist has to open the tooth up, and apply a bleaching agent directly inside the tooth in order to remove the stains and discoloration.

You should never take a toothache lightly! Instead you should visit your dentist immediately when you have pain so that any developing infection can be treated in the earlier stages. if you ignore a dental infection for prolonged durations, it can result in the infection travelling to the other regions of the tooth, such as the periodontal ligament, and may even require extraction of the tooth in more advanced cases.

Veneers are very thin coatings that are made from composite resins or porcelain, and are attached to the front surface of your prepared teeth with the help of an adhesive resin. The veneers are used to mask imperfections in the shape of the teeth as well as to hide the effect of developmental teeth stains, which cannot be removed through professional teeth whitening. 


Zoom Whitening
Zoom whitening has been widely known for it’s immediate and long-lasting whitening results for decades. Other teeth whitening options may take weeks or even months to obtain same results. Unlike at home whitening products, in-office Zoom whitening requires much less of a commitment, and you can have a new smile within an hour as opposed to within weeks

Digital Intra-oral scan
At iLove Dental, we use the Medit i500 digital impression system, an advanced imaging tool that helps us map the inside of your mouth and teeth down to the most minute detail. With the use of an intra-oral scanner we can make digital impression of veneers, crown, bridge, and dentures. Since we use the latest technology in our office, you can say goodbye to sticky, messy, and uncomfortable putty impression of the past. 

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